All modern vehicles are controlled by what is known as an ECU (a computer) these computers and the components they control are at times tempremental and usually will bring up an amber light on your dash with the image of an engine, This is a way of letting you know that a fault is stored in the ECU, we carry the latest diagnostics equipment , to attend your vehicle plug in via the OBD, on board diagnostic plug which will guide us to advise you of the fault. you can then either fit the new part yourself or we can fit it(please note Diagnostics is not a quick fix, just by plugging in to a machine will not fix your vehicle, its mearely advising of the area that the fault . our equipment can test components to, ) this service is to aid motorist both broken down and diy car repairers who need guidance to the fault.

Repossession of vehicles

We work for finance houses that have vehicles to be repossed, where we visit the clients address with the finance house agent recover the vehicle either to our safe storage or to the nearest auction house where it can be sold, our vehicles carry the correct equipment to recover vehicles damage free, and are covered by up to date regulations and most important run by DVSA operators licence rules that are required to repossess vehicles. call 01925 224213 and discuss your requirements.

Truck repairs and mot testing, Our trained fitters are up to date with all plating and testing regulations, we can collect prepare your vehicle for mot, and present for test. call 01925224213