Most of today’s trucks and buses run on what’s known as spigot wheels that is the wheels are spigot mounted and not the older style counter sunk mounted.

With over 25 years experience in the industry in both truck repair and breakdowns we find that it happens more and more often, due to a number of facts, Salt on the road close tolerances between the rim and the hub and wheels staying on the same vehicle without removal for a number of months, we found the need to develop tooling to safely remove the frozen wheel from the hub safely and without damage.

 Hydraulic system for safe and speedy removal of stubborn HGV road wheels
 Compact yet powerful self-contained hydraulics provide the force to remove even the tightest of road wheels

Our mobile press will remove the stuck wheel quickly, and damage free, no heat is used in the process.
Predominantly this happens on HGV and PSV vehicles, but we have in the past noticed it happening to lighter vehicles, where aluminium wheels with stick to the spigot on a hub.

Due to demand from present customers, who are both Tyre firms, bus and coach garages, we can now offer a mobile service where we attend the site and safely carry out the process of the safe removal of stuck rusted on wheels, we cover the North west at the moment but have plans to get kit into other areas, when demand is met.

Our customers say it’s quicker and safe to call us out than to struggle and risk causing damage to rims or the vehicle
Prices start from £45.00 and can also offer a 24 hour service if needed. Just call 01925 224213 to request a visit. And remove your frozen wheels

Payment can be taken by pre arranged account or by card payment taken on scene of removal; we will also attend incidents where the vehicle has had a blow out on a motorway or service area. To remove the frozen wheel and can also change wheel for your own spare.